KMS provides solutions to its clients’ defined business technology issues and problems, as well as for their aspirations. One of the biggest advantages KMS brings is a dedicated staff that is plugged into the current technology landscape. They possess both unique business acumen and technical knowledge to deliver solutions through the appropriate selection and deployment of information technologies.


KMS Has Three Main Service Areas:

  1. KMS’ Business Applications Group provides business process design, application design and development, and solution implementation services. KMS actively involves the client in the definition, design, and testing of each solution.
  2. The Technology Services Group provides system administration services and system upgrades as well as office network, hardware, and software support. This includes server, workstation, and other support services for small and mid-size businesses. KMS offers retainer, on-call, and urgent support services.
  3. The KMS Cloud Solutions Practice Area supports two primary Cloud Solution alternatives. One is based on highly specialized solutions in the KMS Data Center for heritage Notes Domino applications, user testing environments, traditional websites, email, and for off-site data storage. The other is based on the expanding solutions in the IBM SmartCloud for business collaborations including email, video conferencing, web meetings, instant messaging and social business enablement.


Case Studies:

Connections Training for Global Food Product Manufacturing Company

KMS provided IBM Connections training for several divisions of a multi-national food product manufacturing company, headquartered in Norway, as they make the transition to becoming a Social Business with IBM Connections Cloud software. This augments and integrates with their existing Notes Domino applications.

  1. Use Case Deployment for the Sales and Operations Division: This involved on-site and remote training to provide the company’s sales force with the proper understanding and capabilities to be able to access all sales tools remotely, i.e. from potential client sites. This enabled more efficient functionality for sales people on a day to day basis and easier reporting of documentation and tracking of sales, easing end-of-month chaos.
  2. Training with the Global Marketing and Planning Division: Planning and establishing a hierarchy of communities provided the ability to engage in short and long term planning among specific communities through document sharing, archiving of reusable forms, knowledge management, web meetings, wikis, chat, etc. Global markets could be separated into communities where much more efficient business practices could take place. Monthly status meetings amongst five key teams resulted in 75 new action items monthly. These are managed via Activities in IBM Connections.
  3. Training of the Sales and Operations Division in Mexico: Remote training was provided to assist their sales force in day-to-day operations as well as in short and long term planning within specific communities.


Server Upgrade and Subsequent Administration for National Trucking/Transportation Company

KMS assessed and upgraded primary and secondary servers to Domino 9.0 and migrated to new hardware. Problems with replication and missing documents/attachments were resolved and reconfigured. Orphaned mailboxes were identified. Backup schedules were established. Archiving was enabled. Database maintenance tool was introduced. Results were a much more efficient and reliable email system for the client.


Mail Migration Project for a New York City-based Specialty Publisher

KMS planned and successfully migrated 100 users from an on-premise Notes Domino email solution to the IBM SmartCloud. The client began with a deployment of mail and is now researching social business components offered by IBM Connections.


Domino Applications Modernization Project for a Financial Services Company

A financial services client requested that KMS redesign and modernize their entire client facing websites using Xpages. This modernization project afforded the client an easily navigable and user friendly experience to their 3,000 external users. Image and appearance was paramount, and KMS took the time to create an elegant user experience.


Application Modernization for Large New York City Residential/Commercial Property Owner

KMS modernized and upgraded an existing Notes Domino application that organized and presented all the available apartment rentals to an exclusive group of real estate companies and sales people. This secure application is available on the web or on any hand held device. This modernization project afforded the client an easily navigable and user friendly experience that is offered to their 500 real estate brokers. The solution supports searching by location, price, size and many of the amenities available in the apartments. Image and appearance was very important to this client and KMS took the time to create an elegant user experience.The solution allows the real estate professional to manage their work activities and be alerted of new listings and price reductions.


Disaster Recovery Planning for Large Law Firm

KMS was called in to provide a disaster recovery planning option for this Notes Domino environment. The goal was to keep the law firm  functioning with at least email on an immediate basis. Application is to follow.


Various Projects for a Regional Plumbing Supply House

This regional plumbing supply house has over 350 users. A key KMS custom developed application that has proven to be very successful is a customer delivery scheduling application that works with United Parcel Service’s truck routing and loading information services. Taking advantage of new IBM software entitlements offered with Notes Domino 9, the client started an IBM Connections project. The pilot started with internal users and has been expanded for use by approved external stakeholders. KMS, a certified IBM SmartCloud Mail Migration partner, has also assisted this client with mail migration planning and successfully moved over the targeted mail accounts.